Past Life Astrology Reading and Analysis

Past Life Astrology Reading and Analysis

Who was I in my past life? Where was I born in my past life? All such questions have ticked once in everyone’s mind. We used to think about our previous births and feel whether our present or future have any connection with our past lives.


Well! Finding about past lives has always been a matter of curiosity. After all, in Indian traditions, past birth or previous life has always been considered very important. It is said that everything that we are experiencing at present is somewhat connected to our past life. If we are going through tough times and suffering from pain, despair and poverty, then there are chances that we had done something bad or hurt or killed someone or had done any trespass in our past. Similarly, if we have found fortune or are living a happy and blissful life, then our good deeds in the past may have made us bear good fruits in the present.


In case you are also facing problems or going through hard times and don’t know why all these are happening with you only, then you should learn your past life and see if any clues may help you to fix things in the present. In this post, you may learn about the way to know your past life and find various information that may pave your way to know more about yourself.


How to Know Your Past Life by Date of Birth and Name?

Only a few people know that you can learn about your previous births or past lives by taking a Past life astrology reading. Past life reading is the psychic reading through which you may predict your previous birth and the life you lived in the past. It includes expert psychic readers that analyze your horoscope and make past life predictions.


For accurate Past life reading, the experts take the date of birth, place, time and name of the person and create a natal chart that may help them to predict the past life of the individual. They do rigorous calculations of the planetary positions at the time of birth and analyze if there are any associations of the present with the natives’ past lives.


They analyze the Ascendant or Lagna of the Birth Chart which speaks of connections between the present and past birth of the native. They also check the twelfth house of the chart to know about the conditions that the native went through in his/her last phase in the previous birth. Moreover, astrologers check the ninth house that represents the fate of the present birth indicating the situations of the past life. Likewise, the astrologer checks all the houses of the Birth chart and tries to connect the present and the past life of the native.


What You Can Know About Yourself with Past Life Astrology Reading? 


With the help of Past Life Reading, you may know various information about your past life. Here is a glimpse of the information that you may know from your Past life astrology reading.

  • Your profession
  • The status of your family in the previous birth.
  •  The good things that happened in your past life.
  • The adverse situations you have gone through in your past life.
  • The life span or period or duration you have lived in your previous birth.
  • The cause of your death
  • The pending deeds of your past life
  • The disorders or ailments you have suffered from in the past.
  • Your relationship with your friends, relatives and family members in the previous birth.
  • Your living status in the past life.

There is a lot of other information that you may know from a past life reading. However, for that, you need to take a Free Talk to Astrologer Live and unravel the past with live astrology consultation.


Why Should You Know About Past Life?

Many religions speak of having more than one life. It is believed that a person lives many lives and whatever he does reflects in his/her next life. The good or bad, all the deeds or Karma get paid to the person in their present or subsequent births. As per Vedic texts, your past life allows you to know about your pending and flawed Karma in the past life. It shares the factors that are influencing your current situations and making you stand where you are at present. By understanding the past life, you may find a chance to improve your current life. You may seek forgiveness of your sins in the past and get rid of the afflictions they are causing in your present. You may also remove curses that are carried forward from your past to present life. Also, you may know more about yourself and explore the cause of your fears, insecurities, feelings and various aspects related to your personality.


So, take the chance and improve your present with the help of your past. Remember, understanding the past is the key to understanding the present and with correct knowledge of your present situations you can alter your present actions and make your future outcomes promising and positive!

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