Inspector who failed to catch Mississippi River bridge crack is fired

Inspector who failed to catch Mississippi River bridge crack is fired

Tudor reported all”fracture critical” bridges scrutinized by the fired worker would likely be re-inspected. She stated the fired worker, who had worked for the division for approximately 15 decades, didn’t follow proper protocol at the bridge inspection.

Arkansas and Tennessee governments haven’t provided a deadline for when the bridge will reopen. The Tennessee Department of Transportation said Monday the I-40 bridge fix will be run in 2 stages, and the two measures have to be performed before the bridge could be reopened for traffic.

Arkansas Department of Transportation Director Lorie Tudor said the inspector had been fired following firing video revealed the crack on that the bridge crossing the Mississippi River in May 2019.

The closure has influenced a heavily used corridor and increased worries regarding delivery and shipping expenses. On Friday, the Arkansas Trucking Association estimated that the closing would cost the trucking business at least $2.4 million per day.
An inspector who failed to detect a crack at the Interstate 40 bridge linking Arkansas and Tennessee that prompted the course’s closure was fired, Arkansas transport officials said Monday.

Tennessee’s DOT also said that it would review the status of the I-55 bridge”from an abundance of caution” The drone inspection is forecast to happen Tuesday or even Wednesday.

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