8 Differences In Child And Adult Circumcision Surgery

8 Differences In Child And Adult Circumcision Surgery

Circumcision is one surgical procedure that is not only done when you are an adult; but also as an infant. Many parents avoid their sons being circumcised because they think that it has no apparent benefit. But when their sons get older only then the real advantages become visible.

Main Differences Between Adult And Child Circumcision Surgery

Although the main reason for this surgery is the same for both adult and child circumcision as it is visible in Circumcision Healing Stages Pictures. This reason is the removal of the extra foreskin that is covering the tip of the penis. But when you look closer; you will know that the differences are prominent which are discussed in detail below.

Age Of Surgery Is Different

The first and the most striking difference is that of age. A child is only 7 days old when he is circumcised. In some communities, the child is circumcised when he reaches the age of 5 or 7. But there is no age limit when it comes to the circumcision of adults.

Administering Anesthesia

When the child is being circumcised either at the hospital or home; no sedative is given because it is dangerous for the infant. The child feels extreme pain which is ok; rather than putting the child in danger. But the adults are given the type of anesthesia that suits them.

Why Surgery Is Conducted?

The Pictures Of Circumcision Healing Stages reveal that the foreskin of the penis is removed, but the reason for the surgery to be conducted are diversified. Meaning a child is circumcised because he belongs to a specific community or religious group. But male adults have the surgery mainly for medical issues.

Is Permission Of Surgery Taken?

When a child is circumcised; he has no right to protest against the surgical procedure. The human rights organizations think that it is a breach of the rights of the child. But when an adult goes to a clinic like Circumcision Center for the surgery; he is asked whether he has agreed to the surgery willingly or not.

How Much Foreskin Is Removed?

The penis of an adult is fully developed; the foreskin is more visible than a child. So the surgeons don’t have difficulty in removing the skin of an adult. But when it comes to removing a child’s foreskin the person has to be an expert to make sure that the removal is done in the right way.

Dissimilarities In Tools And Techniques

For the surgical procedure of a child; the traditional way is used. Also, the child is strapped to a table and no anesthesia is given. But when an adult is being circumcised; he is sedated and also latest tools can be used to make sure that blood loss and pain are a minimum.

Making Procedure Less Painful

There is no easy way for the child to get relieved of the pain of the surgery. He has to bear all the pain that is why you see them crying. If the pain becomes unbearable only then light sedative is given. But adults can be given sedatives and even painkillers after the surgery.

Circumcision Healing Stages Pictures

When you look at the Circumcision Healing Stages Pictures; you see that the healing is quicker in adults because their body’s systems have developed and have the power to heal speedily. But a child suffers more as the healing process is slow and painful.

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